From Airline and Aviation establishment, there is very basic element of Information Technology infrastructure establishment and its day to day operations.

EJMIRAL can provide you range of IT applications and its continuous project management services as per the requirement of various stake holders, from idea, AOC documentation and its implementations.

Delivering next-generation technological solutions, custom-built and custom-tailored, for provisioning Business Value to your organizations.

1. Understanding your idea

We follow a “listening” approach when it comes to our software consulting services be it web application or mobile application development projects. It helps us internalize your vision and business needs before we can propose you the right technical solution.

2. Scoping the problems

For our enterprise solutions, we prefer to conduct user interviews to understand on-the-ground challenges and identify user expectations. It helps us better understand the project requirements and plan the technology approach accordingly.

3. Techno business sessions

Based on your version of the idea vis-à-vis actual ground requirements, our team of in-house consultants perform intense brainstorming sessions with the client to define the solution requirements, identify the target architecture and chose the right technical platform, at the same time planning for scalability & flexibility at each and every step.

4. Building success for your business

The aviation industry is tech-savvy and continually evolving. To remain relevant, your consultancy firm must keep up with the latest advancements. From predictive maintenance algorithms to blockchain-based passenger services, staying informed about emerging technologies is essential to providing relevant recommendations.

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