This system provides the control to schedule crew (cockpit, cabin and engineers) to planned flights and manage the related activities with easiness to crew portal. Other functions includes but not limited to management of crew allowances and related flight operations like fueling, aircraft movement, GD, flight log and crew portal.


  • Crew scheduling based on aircraft, base, language, type rating, crew compliant and seniority
  • Crew tracking
  • Cockpit crew iPad app for smooth and timely communication of operational documentations and usage
  • Crew hotel vouchers pre authorization for financial and auditing of accommodation at non base stations
  • SMS and email communication via system
  • Cockpit, Cabin and engineering crew portal for flight schedule and competency validation information with necessary official documentation as per regulatory authority
  • Crew swap request via self service portal
  • Crew APIS via automated system controls with no human intervention
  • Automated crew slip and crew flight allowances

Aircraft Operations:

  • All aircraft movement records with schedule and actual movement history
  • Integration with SITA ON AIR product for real time flight movement messages
  • Detailed report of fuel usage and its revenue impact
  • Comprehensive reports including per hour taxi fuel, fuel usage flight/block per hour and its comparative figures to find out any aircraft, crew or operational reasons and fixture
  • Systematic reconciliation of fuel supplier invoice with actual utilization
  • Integration of system with MRO for on time maintenance


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